a next-generation technology that is emerging in the IoT market
With integrated C2O (Carbon dioxide-to-Oxygen) Solutions, we will strive to improve our daily lives by automating our daily lives with appliances,
electrical wiring devices, safety devices and security devices,
and enhancing efficiency of our quality of Life.

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As shown in company name eZEX(easy & excellent), our principle is “supplying products which is easy to use, but amazing” and have released numerous new products.

From the start of eZEX, we have lead the smart home era by releasing the portable internet device which you can order goods and watch news on your sofa. We have developed the video phone to connect each house within an apartment complex.

We have supplied the museum device overseas and domestic which automatically sense the work, and guide with video image.

Recently, we are showing the smart home management system which self manages the appliances in home, office, and other various circumstances. Now, eZEX is concentrating our efforts on product which helps customer to be convenient, safe and affluent in upcoming IoT generation.

Based on the customer habits, we are preparing the new experience for the future. Automatic temperature control, smart energy management without wasted energy, scheduled self activating light control, automatic trespassing alert, smart control for TV, Audio, etc.

We are doing all our efforts to provide the new affluent, pleasant product to you. By continuous growth, we will provide new experiences as well. We appreciate for your encourage and concern in the future.

Thank you.

CEO, eZEX corporation