Smart Overall Switch ECO-100/200
Smart overall switch replaces the normal overall switch, and supports turn off all the lights in home and gas valve in the kitchen. By using the Smart Energy Gateway, Light on/off control and checking the light status by energy management server of building or smartphone application from outside or distant place. It also enables instant closing of kitchen gas valve by smartphone when needed.
  • Applicable to all type of light switch (Home/Office/Building/Factory)
  • Applicable to any buildings (newly built, old)
  • Simple install in an old building by replacing the existing switch only.
  • Capacitive touch
    Overall light control
  • Real-time light status monitoring
  • LED button for night time
  • Capacitive touch
    Kitchen gas valve close control
  • Real-time Kitchen gas valve status
    remote monitoring
  • Gas valve closing switch
    LED button for night time
Wireless Connection ZigBee (Bidirectional)
2.4GHz frequency band, IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee PRO standard SE/HA Prole support, ZigBee Router device, OTA rmware upgrade
Power 3 line (2 line input -1 line output),AC power
Data Encryption 128bit symmetric key block data encryption(AES-128)
Rated Output Overall light switch : 16A
Gas valve control : Wireless Remote control
Power consumption 0.5W
Interface Capacitive Touch Button (LED lighting type)
Dimension 122.3 mm X 74.9mm X 51.5 mm
Indication Light status LED