Smart Energy Meter ECL-10Z
Smart Energy Meter measures power usage data of home or building, can be controlled by manage server and smartphone application.
  • On panel board in isolated building including house, building, restaurant, pension, warehouse, barn, power usage monitoring when used with general light switch on panel board.
  • Panel board in greenhouse/barn, electrical input of small motor, heater/cooler and other heating devices.
  • Easy install with no additional wire works to existing building and easy attach/detach when moving or transfer.
  • Measures real-time instantaneous power usage, daily/monthly cumulative power usage(predictable electricity rates).
  • Input power usage measure of constant AC power
  • Collects power consumption data when user requires
  • Without construction of AC power, current sensor is coiled around the power cable, which makes easy install
  • Data transmission to Smart Energy Gateway by wireless connection
Connection ZigBee (Bidirectional)
2.4GHz frequency band, IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee PRO standard,
SE/HA Profile support, ZigBee router device, OTA firmware upgrade
Data Encryption 128 bit symmetric key block encryption(AES-128)
Current sensor RMS current (Ipn) : 80A / 26.6mm X 40.8mm X 28.9mm (Hole Dia : Ø10)
Rated current Detects power usage up to AC Power 80A
Operating power Under 1W
Dimension 32mm x 70mm x 40mm(Same size as circuit breaker)
Indication Power status indicate on LED