Smart LED Light Dimmer ECL-10Z
The Smart LED Light Dimmer controls the brightness of building light to perform a sensual atmosphere with power saving. It binds lights into group/zone to control brightness of each lights in various steps. With Smart occupancy sensor, controls brightness automatically, which saves electricity. By accessing the Smart Energy Gateway, remote control of Energy management server or Mobile application.
  • Light control (Building/Home) and Status monitoring
  • Brightness control of interior lights(Greenhouse/ Barn/ Department store, Etc.)
  • Brightness control of indoor interior lighting
  • Systematic brightness control and power saving of street-sign and street-light
  • Remote brightness control via wireless/wired connection by PC or devices.
  • Various control methods of multiple lights in group/zone
  • Remote management of power usage with overall light switch (Smart switch)
  • Power consumption metering by using Smart Electric switch(Smart circuit breaker)
Brightness control 0/1~10V control
Wireless Connection ZigBee Connection(Bidirectional)
2.4GHz frequency band, IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee PRO standard,
SE/HA Prole support, ZigBee router device, OTA rmware upgrade
Input voltage AC220V power
Output Power 2-channel LED output reversible power supported
Power per channel : 0~12V or 0~24Vdc,
150Watts(max) per channel
Standby power Under 1W
Dimension 32mm x 70mm x 40mm(Same size as circuit breaker)
Indication Power status indicate on LED