Smart Digital Doorlock ECK-300
The Smart Digital doorlock has wireless connection inside, available to get the access record and control open/close by accessing Smart Energy Gateway with management server or smartphone.
  • Household and Office area, Exit/Entrance of Building, Warehouse
  • Security/Crime prevention when used with Smart Energy Gateway
  • Open/close status linked to Smart Phone/Central Server
  • Linked to the Smart Energy Gateway by wireless connection
  • Remote management of access record
  • Remote management and control of open/close status (Optional)
  • Auto/Manual Lock system
  • Internal Double-lock function
  • Password protection (Imaginary number system)
  • Anti-theft and Anti-mischief, Fire sensing function(Alert sound)
  • Low Battery Alarm
Open/Close Method Password Touch Button, Capacitive Touch key, Smart Phone App software
Touch key registration Up to 45 EA / 4-19 Digit (Password)
Wireless Connection ZigBee Connection(Bidirectional)
ZigBee Connection : 2.4GHz Frequency range, IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee PRO standard, SE/HA Profile support
Data Encryption 128 bit symmetric key block encryption (AES-128)
Power consumption DC 6V (Alkaline AA 1.5V batteries X 4 EA )
Size (Card) 85.6(W) X 54(H) X 0.8mm(D)
Dimension Outer body : 73.5 X 302.5 X 25.5 mm
Inner body : 78.5 X 310.5 X 35 mm