Smart gas main valve actuator ECT-100
The Gas Valve Control & the Gas Valve Actuator can be used with the Gas Detection Sensor. In case of gas leakage, user receives the alert to Smartphone by ZigBee wireless connection through Smart Energy Gateway and available to shut down the gas valve from everywhere.
  • Applicable in Home/ Office/ Restaurant
  • Simple install to the existing main gas valve
  • Emergency battery backup for blackout
  • Smart phone can receive gas leakage alert and remotely shut down the gas valve
  • LED light blinks when gas leakage is detected
  • Real-time gas detect monitoring and emergency gas valve shut down function
  • Remote access of the gas leakage information and remote control of the Gas valve through the Smart Energy Gateway by using PC/Smart devices

Gas valve controller/actuator

Gas valve controller
Format Gas leakage alert and shut down device for home
Power AC220V, 60Hz
Power consumption 0.5W(Normal), 2W(When triggered)
Control type Timer and remote control type
Dimension 137mm x 74mm x 45mm
Connection ZigBee Connection(Bidirectional)
2.4GHz frequency band, IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee PRO standard,SE/HA profile support, ZigBee router device, OTA firmware upgrade
Data Encryption 128 bit symmetric key block encryption (AES-128)
Gas valve actuator
Rated voltage DC 12V
Pipe size 15A, 20A, 25A
Shut down time Within 15 seconds
Open / Close angle 90 degree
Dimension 114mm x 70mm x 120mm

Smart Gas leakage sensor

Detection target LNG / LPG
Detection range
(Alarm setting / Density)
0~100 LEL / 20% LEL / LNG(0.06~1.25%)
Type Stand-alone , Diusion, Contact combustion
I/O In house type range : 9 m
Detection range : 9 m alert speaker
Power consumption DC 15V input, 2W at normal, 2.1W at alert state
Using area 17㎡
Dimension 107mm x 70mm x 40mm