Smart Multi-IR Remote controller ECT-100
The Smart Multi-IR Remote Controller is a Infrared controller which controls air conditioner, TV, etc. It can be remotely controlled/managed by manage server or mobile application through Smart Energy Gateway. It provides broad range of service for a convenient life.
  • Easy to control the remote controlled home appliances by smart phone.
  • Total home appliance control system without separate remote controllers.
  • Making fresh indoor environment when used with Smart temperature/humidity sensor. (Automatic and scheduled Indoor cooling/heating/ventilating)
  • Cooling/heating/ventilating energy usage monitoring when used with Smart socket.
  • Can be used with Home and restaurant reservation system.
  • Remote control of IR controlled Home appliances
  • Study of IR remote controller patterns
  • Fresh Indoor environment when with Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • Remote control through Smart Energy Gateway
  • Automatic remote control of appliances in Home / Building
Wireless Connection IR(Infra red) Input : Pattern study or integral database
Output : About +/- 15℃, 10 meter
ZigBee ZigBee(Bidirectional), 2.4GHz frequency band
IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee PRO standard, SE/HA prole support
AES 128 bits Data Encryption
Input power Battery : 2 Alkaline AAA Battery, 3V
AC Power : 110V / 220V
Dimension 110 x 38 mm