Smart Remote controller ECR-100
The Smart Remote Controller controls Smart Light Switch and Smart Socket via wireless network. With Smart Energy Gateway setting, 3 modes(Indoor, Outdoor, Sleep) and total control mode is available.
  • Set Smart device functions at need.
  • Easy control without smartphone by Smart remote controller
  • (Living room switch on/off, Smart doorlock open)
  • Can be used at Home and restaurants
  • Can be applied to new / existing buildings
  • Allocate Smart device function to button individually.
  • 3 mode control(Indoor, Outdoor, Sleep) by smart phone application
  • Smart digital doorlock open
  • Superior control range than normal remote control
  • Control available even not aiming for appliances
  • Battery alarm
Mechanism Smart Gateway related individual control
Function control 3 buttons, individual function setting and control
Control Nondirectional(Controllable even not aiming for the device)
Connection ZigBee Connection (Bidirectional)
2.4GHz Frequency range, IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee PRO standard,
SE/HA Profile support
Data Encryption 128 bit symmetric key block encryption (AES-128)
Battery AAA Battery x 2
Indication LED (Status indicate)
Interface Device On / Off switch
Dimension 115.2mm X 41.9mm X 15.7mm