Smart Energy Display ECP-700
The Smart Energy Display remotely connects smart devices by Wireless network. You can diagnose, view, and control all the smart devices by GUI inside the LCD. It can also collect and store the power usage information of each smart devices. It can help you remotely control each smart device from your management server via Ethernet. Moreover, you can view and compare your power usage by period basis and also view the carbon emission.
  • Wireless connection available in any buildings including house/oce/building/factory, etc.
  • Applicable to any new or existing house/builing.
  • Easy install by connecting LAN cable to your Ethernet AP
  • Visitor check and access control supported
  • Power Consumption Metering
  • Electric device control
  • Automatic measure and control of device, when used with sensor
  • Auto diagnosis and maintenance
  • Standby Power control of electric device
  • Visitor check and access control with entrance video doorphone.
Display 17.8cm(7-inch) WVGA(800X480) Color TFT LCD
Interface Power switch, LCD Resistive Touch Panel, Function operation Button
Wired Connection Ethernet LAN
Ethernet LAN : IEEE 802.3 standard, 10/100Mbps, IP Address auto/manual setting
Wireless Connection ZigBee Connection(Bidirectional), Wi-Fi(Optional)
ZigBee : 2.4GHz frequency band, IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee PRO standard,
SE/HA Prole support, ZigBee Coordinator device
Wi-Fi : 2.4GHz frequency band, IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard, WEP/WPA/WPA2 security
Data Encryption 128 bit symmetric key block encryption (AES-128)
Indication Power, Wi-Fi, ZigBee status LED indication
Rated Voltage AC 110V / 240V
Power consumption 2.5W (Normal)
Dimension 270.0mm X 192.0mm X 32.0mm
Indication power, ZigBee, Wifi - LED display