• Smart Home in common use
    Want to know the status of Gas/Electricity when you are not home.

    Ms. Kim’s family are leaving for a trip today. While leaving home, she is worried about the heating devices(iron, heater), air conditioner and lights. She checks the status of devices by mobile phone and closes the gas valve in the kitchen and turns off the lights in kitchen and bathroom. She finds the Normal usage and consumption pattern to save the electricity.

    While outside the home, she lets in the mother-in-law or families.

  • Smart IoT for the private business
    Smart Care for the Shop/Office Security, Gas explosion/Fire Prevention, Power saving

    Mr. Choi, owner is worried about the lights and heaters are on even they are not used, and opened gas valve. Electricity cost and danger of fire is also worried. He tried using the sensors for automated light out, auto gas valve close.

    Temperature, humidity, air condition can be monitored, and maintaining good work condition could raise the overall performance.

  • Smart Care for the Solitudes
    Silver Care Service from the distant families

    Mr. Park is always worried about his mother who lives in distant countryside. After setting up the Smart IoT devices, he is relieved and less worried than before.
    With Smart Light Switch and Smart Socket, he can see the power usage pattern from morning until night, and notice that mother is doing well. Active monitoring like Light On/Off time, power usage enables Smart Care.

  • Smart Care for the singles
    Singles Care for the pet, anti-theft, fire prevention, individual electricity payments.

    Mr. Lee feels relieved when he switched off the iron with smartphone at his office. The day is hot, so he turns on the air cooler and lights on his way home.

    Lone time after dinner, he turns off the TV and Settop, and all the gas valve at his bed. While checking his power usage this month, he estimates next month’s.